Hey there! We are Iris and Jed.

We are passionate about traveling. We love the smell of the earth in nature, local foods from a  strange city, unique experiences that can’t be experienced elsewhere, and last but not the least,  we love the interesting souls we encounter during our travels. We enjoy slow-travel, to fully immerse ourselves in a new city, then fall in love with it. 

To us, each journey is an adventure. Taking a leap from our comfort zones at home, expose ourselves to different cultures, history and the natural beauties the world has to offer. These adventures are what makes our heart beat strong. We find ourselves constantly falling in love with this world more and more each day.

With our love for travel beating strong, on a sunny mid-summer evening in Boston, we decided to act on something we’ve dreamt to do for a long time. One year later, we quit our jobs, bought our tickets to Peru, packed our backpacks, and started our journey to travel the world.


Travel has changed us a lot. Through this blog, we want to share the most beautiful sceneries we’ve seen with you, and things we’ve learned along the way. We also hope that we can pass on all the positive impact travel had on us to more people.


Adventurer. Foodie. Life adorer. Constantly curious about the world around her. 

Born in Beijing, China. Spent her childhood living in Beijing, LA and Tokyo. Now based in Boston.



Vegetarian. History buff. Economics lover. Believes everything has its own system. Can snack all day non-stop.

Born and raised in Kansas City. Lived in Kansas City, New Orleans, Washington and Houston. Currently based in Boston.