2 Years Old

Howdy! You know what, I’m turning two today! If I were still within my earthly body, I would be running around and babbling words by now. But don’t worry, I do way more advanced stuff here in heaven, things that you can’t even imagine!

Oh oh, and I have a big news to share! I’m a big brother now! My little brother Raphael was born in June, he just turned a month old. We call him Raffi. And here’s a family photo of all of us together when Raffi was born. Everyone was there, including me and great-grandma!

I do wish I can be there with them. I know they all miss me so much. The truth is, I’m always there with them, and I think they know it too. My sister named all her stuffed animal bunnies Elon, and takes them everywhere she goes. In the morning, she brings bunny “Elon” to mama’s bed and leaves “Elon” in bed sleeping next to mama to keep her company. She takes bunny “Elon” to daycare, to all our family trips, she hugs “Elon” to sleep every night. I get so much cuddles and love from my family everyday, and I’m lovin’ it!

Here are some photos mama took of me when I was 100 days old. I do make a pretty good bunny, don’t I? 😛

Where ever you are, (double) chin up! Here’s to two! 🙂




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